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Pandora on AppleTV via XBMC

Pandora on AppleTV via XBMC

I’m less than a week into my JailBroken AppleTV (black), but thanks to an active hacker community, I think we can continue to expect great things for Apple’s latest hobby.

Tonight I installed the Pandora plugin for XBMC onto my AppleTV — “install” might be a little misleading. More accurately, I copied a folder into a directory in my already jailbroken AppleTV. If you can handle a few basic command line tasks like file copy or ftp, you should be good to go.

In any case, I can now stream Pandora music from my AppleTV without having to initiate the audio from a desktop computer or my iPhone.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Download the script.xbmc.pandora from
2) Unzip the zip file and copy the script.xbmc.pandora folder into your computer
3) FTP or scp the folder to your AppleTV

scp -r script.xbmc.pandora root@APPLE.TV.IPADDRESS:/private/var/stash/Applications/XBMC.frappliance/XBMCData/XBMCHome/addons/.


The headline pretty much says it all, but the AppleTV just got a whole lot cooler now that it can playback just about any media format!

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