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Mac Mini Home Theater

Making the Mac Mini the Centerpiece of your Home Theater


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You’ve gone through the effort of ripping all your CDs and DVDs, you’ve hooked up the Mac to your TV and Receiver, but how do you plan to control the computer now that you’re sitting on your couch?  Below are a few different suggestions for how to control your Mac Mini HTPC (home theater PC).  The “best” option really depends on your needs, but I’ll try to help guide you through the options.

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Media Center Face OffPerhaps the most important aspect of a Mac Mini Home Theater is the actual software you use to view your media.  The ease of use, stability, and flexibility of the software program is ultimately going to determine if the Mac is a viable solution for you to use on a regular basis.  In this article, I primarily weight the pros and cons of three apps which evolved from the Xbox Media Center Project as well as Apple’s own Front Row application.  Find out which is my favorite after the break…

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I posted a review over at on the Boxee iPhone App.  The iPhone app is great and really makes me want to use Boxee — However, I’ve found Plex works better for most of my needs.  I’ll post a Boxee vs. Plex review shortly, but until then, check out the video of the Boxee app in action!

Boxee iPhone App Demo from Andrew Werhane on Vimeo.