iTunes HDCP ErrorRecently, I downloaded a high-def TV show through iTunes to watch on my Mac Mini Home Theater. Was this the seamless ‘on-demand’ experience I had hoped for… not exactly.

So, I’m a little late to the game and I decided to check out AMC’s Mad Men television show.  Thanks to Netflix, I worked through the three disks of Season 1 just in time to set up my DirecTV DVR to record the Season 2 marathon.  The next day, I sat down to start Season 2 and it began with a recap of Season 1… only during the recap I realized that I somehow must have missed an entire episode, specifically the season finale.  I had already returned the disk to Netflix, so my solution for an instant fix was to buy the episode off of iTunes.

Purchasing via iTunes

Anyone who has used iTunes for purchases before knows that it’s generally very easy to find what you’re looking for.  A quick search in the text field got my right where I wanted, but I could have easily browsed through the links and genres in the iTunes store interface to find my television show.

iTunes Search Results

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